Kendell Henle
Talent Acquisition & Recruiting Operations



There is a better way to recruit talent for businesses that is valuable, efficient, and transparent. By using proven success strategies, data to make informed decisions, and innate intuition, I am able to effectively simplify and elevate the recruitment process and assist companies in achieving their goals. I truly believe in the transformative power of a collaborative relationship with a recruiting partner, both for candidates and hiring managers.

As a senior level talent acquisition and people operations manager I specialize in staffing for technology companies in the Bay Area.

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Consistently presented high quality candidates that were good matches for our needs. Also, Kendell made the process of vetting potential so easy by sending me the specific data points I wanted to know about each person. I ended up with a great hire in no time. Would recommend and partner with again!
— Aubrey B. (Hiring Manager)
Kendell was my job guardian angel... I could tell she really cared about building our relationship... She was so attentive and genuine, always checking in and providing guidance. The role ended up being exactly what I was looking for... Kendell has kept in touch since I started my new role, and even sent me a note on my 1-month anniversary. I can’t thank her enough.
— Kim V. (Candidate)
I was very lucky to have worked with Kendell to find my current gig. Our working relationship, the offer and the job itself have all exceeded my expectations. What made Kendell a great partner was her ability to really listen... I am grateful for all her support in helping me achieve my goal, and highly recommend her to anyone looking for a career boost.
— Nick F. (Candidate)